Creative Design and Digital Marketing to level up your business in the 21st Century...

Long gone are the days when a website is just for tech companies or ‘the young crowd’. In the 21st century it is vital that your business has an online presence, especially if your competition is online.

Contact us today to get your business ready for the 4th Industrial Evolution of the modern, online world!

how do we level up your business?

Spectacular Graphic Design

We cater to your every graphic design need in order to best represent your business to the world. Showing who you are is sometimes more powerful and lasting than saying it.

Awesome Web Development

Having a beautiful website, that works well, is essential in the times we live in. Your website is your online reception area – we make your first digital impression count!

Strategic Digital Marketing

Having a beautifully designed online and social media presence is only the beginning. Having a business and not marketing it is pointless. Contact us today for a tailored, targeted marketing strategy.

what do the numbers say?

0 +

Active Internet Users

0 +

Emails Sent Every Second

0 +

Google Searches Every Second

These numbers speak for themselves. If you are not online, you are handing your potential business to your competition on a silver platter…

what is in it for me?

Higher Overall Return On Investment

Better Conversions From Potential Leads Sent To You

More Leads From Your Existing Fanbase But Also Reach New People

More Time And Money To Grow Your Business Or To Enjoy The Small Things In Life

you might have some questions?

Usually you only need to give us your basic business information as well as your product or service offerings and we supply the rest of the images and copywriting. 

You are, however, free to give us anything you would like to add to the website and we will find a way to make your website beautiful and effective.

Because all of our services are tailor-made to suit your needs, we are extremely flexible on pricing.

Our graphic design services start at around R250 for a single design and can increase upwards relative to complexity.

In terms of website design, there is a minimum cost involved to get everything set-up which starts at R2000 for the most basic website, but on average you can expect to pay no more that R5000.


Digital marketing is a horse of a different colour and is completely up to how much you are willing to spend.

We care about delivering the highest standard of work. We are a boutique agency focused solely on the quality of work and not simply chasing the next paycheck.

We will not close off a project before you are 120% satisfied.

Kasteel Creative Design Agency chooses to limit the amount of projects we take on to ensure that we release only the best quality of work in the shortest amount of time.

Depending on the number of requested revision, you can expect to wait around 5 to 7 business days at the most. Usually, this happens much faster.

Time is running out

Every day that you don’t have a website, your competition is getting your potential business freely.

Every day that you don’t have a website is another day that you have to worry about getting more clients.

Every day that you don’t have a website is another day where the competitive and in-demand market gets more expensive.

Why wait?

i want to level up my business!